Jul 6

Minor speed improvement on doUpdate method

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According to, a requestAnimationFrame function call is passed a parameter which contains a timestamp. This means you can avoid having to call new Date().getTime() on each RAF. It's not a massive improvement, but you get this for free so you could use it?


Diff below:


diff --git a/runtime/run/amos.js b/runtime/run/amos.js
index ebe53dd..cede8b0 100644
--- a/runtime/run/amos.js
+++ b/runtime/run/amos.js
@@ -157,16 +157,19 @@ function AMOS( canvasId, manifest )
      if ( response )
-        self.previousTime = new Date().getTime();
-        window.requestAnimationFrame( doUpdate );
+        window.requestAnimationFrame( startUpdates );
   }, 0 );
-  function doUpdate()
+  function startUpdates( time ) {
+     self.previousTime = time;
+     window.requestAnimationFrame( time );
+  }
+  function doUpdate( time )
      if ( self.section )
-        var time = new Date().getTime();
         self.fps[ self.fpsPosition++ ] = time - self.previousTime;
         self.fpsPosition = self.fpsPosition >= self.fps.length ? 0 : self.fpsPosition;
         self.previousTime = time;




I created an issue on BitBucket -

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