Jul 24

First Compiler test.


I was unable to get some of the basic sounds to work IE Bell, Boom.

Performance was very slow Using my Firefox browser (I do not use chrome )

I am truly waiting for the native compiler to come out . I am not much for running games in a web browser. Also waiting for sound support .


You are off to a great start . Since a lot of programs have that retro look anyway , I cant think of a better way to write old time games them with amos2


Jul 26Edited: Jul 26

Sounds, of course! Nothing has been done in that domain. I still have 25% of the instructions to do. You say it is slow in Firefox? How slow? What were you trying? What is your config? What is your system (Linux I presume), old machine, typical for Linux users? Because AMOS-2, at least in Chrome, is everything but slow. Have a look at the code generated (just compile one app, and display the html/run/application.js file)... You will see that this is pure, fast, readable Javascript code, with as little bottlenecks as possible. And still optimization that I have in mind are possible. Just no time to implement. As you are not on Facebook, you could not see that. Here is a screen capture of my last demo. OK done on a good machine at Q-Loc, but even at home on a simple laptop, I can get 4000 bobs in 50 FPS. At Q-Loc, 10000+ Bobs and the screen-capture utility was overwhelmed by all that happened on screen.!ApYLUfLFEHBOkdxEl9OiFGGZYWINoQ?e=sbF9jq Is Firefox Javascript engine so bad? I know it is is slower than Chrome's, yet really, as from what I read it seems to be a catastrophe, it must come from another incompatibility between browsers, and those, I will only work on them at the end, as it represents the final step, usually a nightmare, when you do such web-application. I suggest Chromium to test until I have worked on this. Without an account for you of course, it will run and transmit no real use-able data. If you want to see what is implemented or not, just open amos-2/compiler/tokens.js, the lines with no code for the 'compile' property are still to be done. I should have made a utility that displays the percentage out of this file. Maybe this week-end...

I run a Dell I7 16 GB Ram with Windows 10. I also do run Linux Mint on a vm. I am on Facebook in the Amos2 group now . I will keep checking back as you progress.

As far as Chrome goes , I do not run it . Microsoft Edge is going to be based on Chrome in the near future. I Run Firefox. and Edge browsers. Amos runs OK on firefox.



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