Aug 22

Support for ProTracker extension


Edited: Aug 22

Hello, Is it possible to integrate the support of the ProTracker extension used by AMOS and AMOS Pro, in AMOS2 compiler?


By supporting the following AMOS statements:


Pt Play <bank>
Pt Instr Play <voice>, <instrument>
Pt Stop


For that, it would be enough to use the JS player of firehawk/tda, which allows to play MOD modules with Web Audio API.

Aug 22Edited: Aug 22

Yes of course! And it will be done for the Xenium party in Katovice at the end of the month... As well as sound commands and bank. I will do a generic build-in system, with my own instruction names, and extension objects with the same instructions as the ones used in all the tracker extensions that were made for the original AMOS (there are plenty, and I would appreciate having the list! ;) ) ... so it will be compatible with everything...


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