Aug 28

This is a DREAM!


Please forgive me I am very excited to have found this. I was an early user of AMOS. I wrote many, many little things at home (as an adult not a child) but I was hooked. My ‘claim to fame’ is that I very nearly had a game published. That was Harold the Hairy Hermit. ‘Harold’ was written in AMOS Pro and complied with the Pro Compiler. All the graphics were done in Deluxe Paint. The Music and SFX were done separately (not by me) and I then coded that in before compiling. WOW I cannot believe this is for real! I am looking forward to the release. My grandson is now getting in to coding. He’s only seven but I would love to be able to do things with him and I know he’d really bond with this. He is autistic but super intelligent. That means you can basically have an adult conversation with him but only if it is on his terms, because he is of course always right. How sad it is that I moved ten years ago and in that move chose to discard all my old Amiga stuff. Thinking of course that I needed to downsize and that was never going to see the light of day again. Never mind I am still hooked on the idea of playing with AMOS again. All the best François Alec Smith

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Hello Alec,


Thank you so much for your post. I am also living my dream. Like you, I rejected the Amiga and everything about it, and threw all my machines away "just to make space" for nothing, including rare pieces like the very Amiga on which the music of Defender of the Crown was composed by Jim Cuomo himself. In 2006, at the deepest moment of my depression... May Jim forgive me one day. There are so many things I can today put in AMOS-2, that I could fill up pages. With Javascript, node.js, Processing.js, Vincent (Tom Cully's pro REST server/system), Alexa, Google APIs etc... I feel like I am assembling a puzzle made of wonderful tools and libraries, and AMOS-2 is the frame and the glue...

And with the new syntax, that I really intend to register at ECMA with the help of real professionals who have not forgotten either, design a new language, BASED on AMOS, and without the term "Basic" seen so badly today in the industry... With the same "spirit" and not the inconsistencies. A real version 2. The same tool that you can, if you want, use all along the way, from total beginner to AAA games on last generation console. So that when you do your first Print "Hello world", your first program without bugs in a couple of minutes, you KNOW that is IS possible with the same tool to make the game you use and admire on your Playstation or XBOX. And it will. The rest is just programming along the way. Including yourself. Just what Steve Jobs said... See you soon I hope... Amiga 34 Germany?

Thank you Françoise for the response. It is very sad to have disposed of such ‘history’ but it is what it is. I too suffered from severe depression but my trusty Mac has at times brought me back to earth again when I least expected it. There was a time when I thought I might actually ressurect what I was up to way back then. When certain emulators began to surface I found .sdf copies of the three disk compiled version of Harold but sadly it is too buggy. I do kinda wish I had the code now that AMOS2 is on the cards but time moves on and maybe I should as well anyway and produce something else. I am soooooo... looking forward to the release of this and wish you all the luck available to complete your dream.

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