Jul 23

Well Ill Be :)


Hello Francois , Gosh its been a long time . I was one of your beta testers on the amiga. Bringing this wonderful compiler to the pc is great . Somewhere I have a print out of Spaceventure 1 for the amiga written in amos. I no longer have the graphics but I guarantee you If I can , I will type it into the pc version. Now where is it : )


1985 was a LONG time ago.

All the Luck in the world to the success of amos 2 :)

Jul 24

Hey David! Really, a tester? Poor guy, must have been hard... You know you could be tester for the new version: I have created a Facebook group for this purpose which is very active (much easier to build a community with FB today than with forums like this one), and it is starting to roll. I have looked for your name on Facebook, and I could find a David Browder at Software Applications Specialist at International Game Technology Is it you? If yes, please send me a FB Friend request and I will send you in return an invitation to the forum. Very active. By using tags in the posts, I can find the bugs in the mess that is a FB group. Also, if it is you, and I hop[e it is, it is another example of the effect of using AMOS on people, you have a very high position in the game industry it seems. Very cool for you to be with us, I am creating my startup AMOS Software this summer and I need people like you, to show the rest of the world that coding should be learned young with the proper tools and by having fun. Not by using Python and making SQL queries. Your testimony would be a great plus... And you could come back to helping on the debugging side! You already know my bugs, and the flow has not gone dry... :) The project is moving really fast now since I am full-time on it, and beta is for September. 1985 is long ago indeed. People have forgotten how coding was simple and fun... But I can see that their memory can come very quickly... Please join and remember. And send me the code of your game, I will run it in AMOS-2 in September and it can be online. People will see your bugs too, not only mine! :) Thanks for your message, Francois


I went on to become a humble technology teacher , After the Demise of the Amiga, I Wrote a few shareware titles on the pc in Visual basic back in the 90's Most have disappeared . you can use the wayback machine on and see my old website


I never went into hardcore software development. I did teach programming to kids in grades 4-8 for a few years. I also was a contractor to IBM back in the 90s where I was a software tester for the now defunct Os/2 operating system. Now a days I spend time as a computer hobbyist.

And I do a few computer odd jobs here and there .

I will definitely get amos2.

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