Oct 14

What's happening?

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Last commit message "Doom."

Reading the last commit "AMOS-SOFTWARE-WHITEPAPER.txt" seems very...odd and a little bit worrying of Francois state of mind?

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  • Good evening, I am trying to download amos2-win-07_07082019.rar but I receive "The archive in either damaged or unknown format" error after the download. Any help would be appreciated
  • Our friend Francois is appearing in a few things I've seen lately: He was interviewed by Neil (RMC) a few weeks ago here: And the latest Retro Gamer (Issue 198), has a 6 page interview with him, which I'll go and read now :-)
  • Please forgive me I am very excited to have found this. I was an early user of AMOS. I wrote many, many little things at home (as an adult not a child) but I was hooked. My ‘claim to fame’ is that I very nearly had a game published. That was Harold the Hairy Hermit. ‘Harold’ was written in AMOS Pro and complied with the Pro Compiler. All the graphics were done in Deluxe Paint. The Music and SFX were done separately (not by me) and I then coded that in before compiling. WOW I cannot believe this is for real! I am looking forward to the release. My grandson is now getting in to coding. He’s only seven but I would love to be able to do things with him and I know he’d really bond with this. He is autistic but super intelligent. That means you can basically have an adult conversation with him but only if it is on his terms, because he is of course always right. How sad it is that I moved ten years ago and in that move chose to discard all my old Amiga stuff. Thinking of course that I needed to downsize and that was never going to see the light of day again. Never mind I am still hooked on the idea of playing with AMOS again. All the best François Alec Smith